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Today I would like to announce the fact that I have completely rebuilt the entire server cluster hosting the site! Everything should be running faster than ever for you! Hope you enjoy the new speed of the site! (it has taken me and my techs about a month to work through all the kinks, sorry to those of you that have had to experience some of these kinks personally!)

New model... just shot her last night... I will edit, and start to post her videos on the website sometime next week... hope you like her... she has some other hot friends that also want to shoot, so this could get really interesting! in the meantime, enjoy these samples

She's pretty hot, can't wait to get her over here to my place to give her a whirl!

this girl's boyfriend just sent me these sample pics... she lives in iowa, and wants to be on the site... cross your fingers, lets hope this works out, because she's super fucking hot!

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