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Welcome to IowaCoeds.com! Iowa is not just some boring flat land in the middle of the USA... It's home to some of the country's most naturally beautiful women! I am building this site as a way to show the world just how hot and curvy iowa can be! I am meeting new girls just through meeting them in public. At the local grocery stores, malls, and bars... I never do shoots with any girls that have ever done something like this before, so these girls are all totally fresh meat! Nervous and Nice girls, that I'm talking into showing their dirty sides for my camera. This site is completely REAL. I do pay the girls, but only to make the contract that I have them sign legally binding. These girls secretly want to show you their perfect tits and pussies. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying)


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Kiki Shower Scene With Closeups
Kiki 11/06/2015
In this video we catch Kiki in the shower getting ready to go to the club. Did somebody say hot chocolate? Hot wet masterbation in the shower with plenty of twerking. Like Kiki says, she knows how to get herself off. And boy does she.. She completely wrecks her lil pink pussy leaving you wanting more.

Tags: black, close-ups, fingering, long hair
Hot Des Moines Model Envy Back as a Fairy Princess Banging Her Magic Wand
Envy 10/30/2015
Catching up with envy before her Halloween party and she has a little surprise for us she's dressed up as Yep you guessed it a fairy. This sexy little fairy goes to town on her wand and more... perfect fetish video for all you cosplay types.. She tells us what she plans on doing at the party and her little hook up fetishes great shots of her wand and pussy.. Tight shallow and wet just how you like them.

Tags: candy, cosplay , fingering, food masturbation
Hottie Des Moines Teen Kay Naked And Masturbating In My Apartments Pool
Kay Ink 10/16/2015
This is our 3rd time seeing Kay .Wanting to do a lil something different then normal I ask her to bring over a swimsuit and to meet me at a mutual friend's Apt complex. I ask her how she feels about breaking into a pool after hours to shoot . She says danger turns her on .. Game On I said and you're welcome to you viewers btw . This one of the hottest videos I have ever filmed and just watching the trailer alone you can tell how hot it gets . In this vid you see various stages and angles of Kay's hot lil pussy and Ass and did I mention she gets so turned on she decides to try anal for the first time . Like I said your welcome and thank Kay for such a hot time ;)

Tags: bikini, boy girl, camera guy, dildo
Kiki Letting Me Fuck Her With A Dildo And Simulated Bj
Kiki 10/09/2015
Back for a super freak show its Kiki. To horny to control herself our girl wants a dildo and she is ready to show us how she works a dick. Check out Kiki going down on the dildo with her blow job skills and after her pussy is wet she wants our camera man to fuck her with it. click through to check out all the hot action.

Tags: bedroom, black, dildo fucking, dildo sucking
Harley Frozen Popsicle Masturbation At My Apartment
Harley 09/25/2015
This is our second time seeing Harley the first time we met Harley she was willing to get naked but was nervous about masterbating on film ..Don't worry we see a lot more of of Harley's sexy lil pussy ;) Starting out with the Batwing Harley begins to touch herself and then breaks out her Popsicle for some deep throat action . This is how the cool kids stay cool in this hot and humid Iowa weather . From melting the Popsicle with her pussy to fingering herself to a moaning orgasim you see some great up close shots of her wet pussy and yes boys she loves to use spit for lube the sloppier the better she says

Tags: bedroom, big nipples, brunette, food masturbation
Teeny Kay Using A Dildo For The First Time On Camera
Kay Ink 09/18/2015
What a little cutie, Kay is back for more. We always find the Red Heads run a few degrees hotter than the rest of them. If you like tattoos and a tight body you will love this young piece of tail. Click through to the members area and check out the action of kay using a dildo for the very first time on camera, watch her spread that hot creamy pussy!

Tags: bedroom, dildo fucking, first time, redhead
Kiki On My Bed Rubbing Down With Oil And Some Food And Dildo Play
Kiki 09/11/2015
We meet up with Kiki in the bedroom sitting on a Hello Kitty blanket ,discussing how her voyer ism is leading her to want to be in a all girl Orgy . Hot right ? Well it gets better ;) Trying to figure out ways how to beat the Iowa heat we break out some Ice and a Popsicle for some sexy food play . She rubs the Popsicle all over and inside her pussy and licks it off . After she masturbates using the Popsicle juice We see Kiki use a vibrator for the first time she was a lil nervous at first because she had only seen them before . In this video you get Food Play , Hot masturbation up close and first time ever using a vibrator :)

Tags: athletic, black, dildo fucking, ebony
Envy Excited that Iowa Hawkeye Football has Returned
Envy 09/04/2015
Hawkeyes Time!!! That's right folks it's that time of year . We catch Envy in the Hawkeye spirit wearing one of her favorite vintage Hawkeye tank tops . She said she is ready to do a lil tailgating and to our surprise has never done a keg stand in her life. That's one of many things we hear during our chat with Envy. She requests to leave her top on to show her Hawkeye spirit but the panties are gone ..Tight and shaved she is a lil tired from having sex early that day but gives a her best shot. The room still reeked of sex. Tailgaiting and girls in pig tails is what we like about this season... football is ok too ;)

Tags: bedroom, blonde, fingering, football
content/090415_envy_excited_that_iowa_hawkeye_football has returned/0.jpg
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